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2023 Multifamily Industry Review & 2024 Outlook: Insights from Radix

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2023 Multifamily Industry Review & 2024 Outlook: Insights from Radix

Picture of Chris Nebenzahl

Chris Nebenzahl

We at Radix understand the importance of reflecting on the past to strategically navigate the future. Our “2023 Year in Review and 2024 Outlook” report offers an essential analysis of the previous year’s market trends and a forecast for the upcoming year. This valuable resource is now available for download on our website, presented in an interactive flipping book format.

Analyzing the 2023 Housing Supply Surge


Last year was a landmark period for the multifamily industry, marked by a significant increase in housing supply. This development brought both opportunities and challenges, impacting rent growth and occupancy rates. Our report dives deep into these dynamics, providing insights that are crucial for anyone involved in property management, investment, or market analysis.

Migration Trends and Their Impact

In 2023, we observed notable migration trends, with significant movements to and from states like Texas, Florida, California, and Massachusetts. These shifts have had a profound impact on multifamily housing demand. Our report provides a detailed analysis of these trends, offering valuable information for investors and developers looking to understand regional market variations.

Preparing for 2024 - Trends and Predictions

Looking forward, our report anticipates a potential decline in new housing developments, suggesting a shift towards a more balanced market. We provide a thorough analysis of how these changes might affect various regions, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions in the evolving multifamily landscape.

Stay Ahead with Radix Insights

At Radix, we are committed to providing you with the tools and information necessary for success in the multifamily industry. Our “2023 Year in Review and 2024 Outlook” report is a testament to this commitment, offering a comprehensive analysis and actionable insights. Download the full report and stay ahead in the multifamily market.

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Picture of Chris Nebenzahl
Chris Nebenzahl
Chris Nebenzahl is the Director of Economic Research at Radix, where he oversees all macroeconomic and multifamily market analysis. Chris has 15 years of multifamily experience in data analytics, research, asset management and acquisitions. Prior to his time in the multifamily industry Chris was a portfolio manager at Bank of New York, focusing in the government and commercial fixed income sectors.
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