MSA Thumbnail Portland, Oregon
Chris Nebenzahl

Portland Multifamily Market Report – November 2023

The apartment market is slowing down in a number of metros nationwide, with most markets falling into one of two buckets of underperformance. Metros in the southeast and southwest are experiencing some of the most new construction since the 1980’s resulting in immense new supply pressure, despite some of the strongest demand drivers in the nation.

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Phoenix Arizona MSA Thumbnail
Chris Nebenzahl

Phoenix Multifamily Market Report – October 2023

Phoenix has seen a rapid slowdown over the past year, as apartment performance declined amid high supply. However, as we near the end of 2023, leading indicators are beginning to show signs of strength for Phoenix multifamily.

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Atlanta Ga MSA Thumbnail
Chris Nebenzahl

Atlanta Multifamily Market Report – September 2023

Atlanta’s apartment market is struggling as new supply weighs heavily on performance from the property level all the way to the market level. The local economy continues to flourish as job growth and population growth remain among the best in the country, however the onslaught of new apartment construction has outpaced demand.

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Seattle WA MSA Thumbnail
Chris Nebenzahl

Seattle Multifamily Market Report – September 2023

While Seattle is not commonly referred to as a Gateway market, its fundamentals often follow many of the tech-heavy Gateway’s on the west coast and in the northeast. As the multifamily industry cools amid significant new supply pressure, Seattle is once again trending like its peers. Traffic, overall occupancy, and occupancy growth are tracking in line with Los Angeles and Boston, while significant rent declines are tracking with San Francisco.

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MSA Thumbnail - San, Antonio | Market Report
San Antonio
Chris Nebenzahl

San Antonio Multifamily Market Report – September 2023

The San Antonio market has been among the weakest performing MSAs in the nation over the past year, as a once hot apartment market has turned negative quickly. All key indicators lag the national average and are also negative on both short and long-term bases.

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MSA Thumbnail San Diego California
San Diego
Chris Nebenzahl

San Diego Multifamily Market Report – August 2023

Over the past three years, one of the steadiest and best performing markets nationwide has been San Diego. The Southern California metro did not experience as significant of a decline in housing demand and rents seen in Los Angeles and San Francisco in the early days of COVID-19, but the metro had a very strong recovery in 2021 and 2022.

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Boston MSA Thumbnail
Chris Nebenzahl

Boston Multifamily Market Report – August 2023

Boston, like many of its northeastern peer markets, is known for its older apartment stock and higher percentage of single-family homes compared to secondary markets in the south and west. However, as the market is known for innovation, it’s apartment market has grown and evolved quickly over the past few real estate cycles.

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Los Angeles MSA Thumbnail
Los Angeles
Chris Nebenzahl

Los Angeles Multifamily Market Report – August 2023

As multifamily fundamentals have been deteriorating nationwide, performance in the second largest U.S. city has been mediocre in recent months. While many key operating metrics declined over the past 12 months, Los Angeles is holding its own and its’ declines are modest L.A. is not growing like its Gateway peer markets in the Northeast and Midwest, yet it’s also not declining like San Francisco.

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