I am Marcy Williams and I am the CEO of RKW residential. I love Radix, I really enjoy the product and the people that we work with at the company.

Question 1:

How does all of RKW use Radix?

Answer 1:

RKW uses Radix really a multiple ways, one we use it at the properties, the community managers and Leasing consultants are using it on a daily basis. The regional managers are using Radix on a weekly basis when you’re looking at once, and looking at the market to determine what we want to do with a rents, and how we want a position our cells within the market our regional VP’s are using it for spot check and looking at the performance of their portfolio, really almost everybody in our organization are using it.

Question 2:

Does Radix streamline your market survey process?

Answer 2:

Radix streamlines or market survey process, it really helps the people in site not have to call the other communities to get the market survey information really using the sharing process to be able to get the information immediately, and then for our analyst looking at the market surveys as a comparing our communities with other communities, not having to call just using the data that’s already there. It is very important to have market survey level data. It’s important because we are making pricing decisions based off of the data that were receiving the data is very streamlined and easy to read, it is accurate and timely so we can make decisions in the moment if we need to, but we can also use it from a trend perspective to see how the properties have been performing, how the markets been performing and then we can predict what’s gonna happen in the future and make smart decision based of of that.

Question 3:

How does RKW use Radix ProForma to help with new business and acquisitions?

Answer 3:

Our team uses the Radix ProForma, and we use that when we’re working with a client that’s looking in a market that we might not be in. We can create the custom market surveys and pull in the communities that make the most sense for that project and our analysts are using all the time when we have a new property come on and what that’s doing it that we can utilize that ProForma market survey to be able to make smart decisions to see what’s happening in the market for a rent perspectives to help us create an entire ProForma for apps for new property, and then the properties set up , and then we can transfer that and we are either managing the community or the projects built we got that base-line data that we can build upon as the market continues to expand and contrite.

I really think that everyone within the Radix organization has always strive to help our organization be better, from the first time we started rolling this out, I think we started out with a handful of communities that were utilizing the Radix platform, and once we were able to understand the platform, understand the benefits of the platform, we rolled it out to every single one of our communities in our platform and haven’t looked back.