The Arrival of Q4 Brings Week Over Week Dips in Many Metrics

Multifamily performance data continues to behave like it did during the mid-summer, when the pandemic induced a variety of ups and downs. Typically, seasonality means things slow down a bit in the fall, and we see very little difference in metrics week over week.

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Many Performance Metrics Holding Steady as Summer Comes to an End

Labor Day marked the unofficial end of summer. On a national basis, multifamily data and metrics have been hovering around the same points since mid-summer. But in the week ending on Sept. 6, we saw the biggest closing of that YoY gap since March.

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Q&A with Aaron Thatcher, Technical Lead at Radix

One of the highlights of 2020 for Radix has been the addition of Aaron Thatcher, a talented software engineer with a wide range of experience. Aaron joined us in February as a technical lead. In this position, he is charged with designing and implementing ongoing improvements to the Radix platform and products. We could not […]

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Rent & Trend Report: August 9th
Apartment Market Showing Slight Dips in Operating Statistics

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to rage in many parts of the country, the week ending on Aug. 9 showed most of the major apartment metrics experiencing slight declines, according to Radix data. National occupancy and leased percentage rates were flat.

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Rent & Trend Report: July 19th
Week of July 19 Brings Welcome Improvement in Multifamily Market

In general, the apartment market has shown fairly steady improvement since its low points early on in the pandemic. Last week, I cautioned that one bad week can be just that: one bad week. During the week ending on July 19, we saw moderately positive uptick.

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Radix Weekly Data Report – July 12th
Apartment Market Recovery Hits a Bump in the Road

Recently, we’ve seen several positive signs indicating that the apartment industry had shaken off the worst impact of the pandemic and was headed in the direction of a recovery. Unfortunately, that forward momentum wasn’t present during the seven-day period ending on July 12, according to data from Radix. Traffic and leases were down for a […]

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Lauren Kazimierek, Client Manager for Radix

Q&A with Lauren Kazimierek, Client Manager for Radix

It would be hard to imagine someone better positioned to serve Radix clients than Lauren Kazimierek. After all, before joining our company in early 2020 as a Client Manager, Lauren was a Radix client herself. As the Assistant Property Director at Alta Drinkwater, a Wood Residential Services community, she used Radix to conduct market surveys […]

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Radix Weekly Data Report – May 13th

Traffic and Leases Move Up From Pandemic Low It’s been two months since the initial lockdowns started across the country. This week, we saw a number of other states start to open up, and our industry is showing some positive signs in terms of some leading indicators. On a national basis, both traffic and leases […]

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How Crowdsourcing is Helping Apartment Operators

When people picture crowdsourcing in action, the apartment industry doesn’t typically come to mind. We’re more inclined to think of big consumer brands getting ideas from their customers and the general public. Like the popular LEGO Ideas platform, through which users can submit their suggestions for new LEGO sets.  Or Waze, which has allowed many […]

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The Importance of Market Surveys in Student Housing

Move-ins are done. Students, eager to learn and enjoying their lives away from home, are roaming through your community’s halls. Your onsite teams are kicking butt and taking names when it comes to managing resident life. Things are sitting pretty — at least for a while. Not too long after students move-in and start their […]

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