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Chart Of The Week – Occupancy and Lagged Traffic

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Chart Of The Week – Occupancy and Lagged Traffic

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Radix is excited to roll out a new bi-weekly chart series. Through our real-time data, we will build a series of visuals, charts and graphs depicting the most important trends happening in the multifamily industry. Follow the series on LinkedIn and Radix.com/research and share your feedback! We would love to hear from you with suggestions for future trends to cover!


Occupancy vs. Lagged Traffic


Radix has collected traffic and occupancy data for more than 7 million units nationwide. Many have suggested that there is a direct correlation between traffic and occupancy, and after studying our weekly data going back to the beginning of 2021, there is a strong relationship between traffic and occupancy, and when traffic increases, occupancy will follow suit 18 weeks later. We have seen this trend take place both during the run-up in traffic and occupancy in 2021 as well as the softening this year. As traffic stabilizes through the fall, we expect occupancy to begin stabilizing after the new year, before increasing again with a new rental season next year.

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