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Chart Of The Week – Southeast leading the nation in traffic

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Chart Of The Week – Southeast leading the nation in traffic



We are excited to share with you the Chart of the Week!

Through our real-time data, we are building a series of visuals, charts, and graphs depicting the most important trends in the multifamily industry. This week we are analyzing who is leading the nation in traffic.

Southeast leading the nation in traffic

Southeastern markets continue to lead the nation in traffic as population and employment migration continue toward the sunbelt. Texas, Florida, and Carolina markets have been leading the way for much of the 2022. San Jose is the one coastal market topping the traffic rankings, as demand in the South Bay is far exceeding demand in San Francisco. While rent growth has decelerated nationwide, and some of the fastest deceleration has been in the sunbelt, the heightened traffic levels indicate strong demand going into 2023.

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