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Radix provides business information services to the multifamily industry through a suite of cloud-based market research and analytics solutions created by multifamily experts for your multifamily teams. Utilize our Benchmark, ProForma and Research products individually or in tandem to help you gain access to the real-time data needed for strategic decision making.

Whether you’re using Radix products for macro or micro level market insights, each of our solutions provide:

  • Transparency – Unit level data is gathered directly from properties on a weekly basis. Data is input by the property’s onsite team or input via a property management system integration. Coupled with our data integrity algorithms, this provides an unrivaled degree of transparency far superior to other data collection methods such as web scraping.
  • Standardization – Key operational metrics such as NER, ATR and concessions are collected in a uniform manner and vetted by our data integrity algorithms. This allows you to gain the apples-to-apples comparisons needed for analysis and decision making.
  • Customization – Built-in tools allow you to customize the metrics you view, create organizational templates for your reports, and refine your analysis so you can focus on what matters most to you.
  • Visualization – Intuitive data displays enable more efficient evaluation of data sets, helping you and your teams quickly capitalize on opportunities and dig into what your data is telling you.


Benchmark gives your multifamily teams the tools needed to understand how your property and portfolio is performing. Centralized data collection tools make it easy to gather your comp’s survey data so you can spend more time evaluating data and less time collecting it.

We make implementation easy – the only information you need to get your property and/or portfolio started are two reports:

  • Property Management Software Report – This report is pulled directly from your property management software, ensuring the highest level of data validation when completing property set up. One of the following reports will fulfill this requirement:

       1. Box Score Summary

       2. Market Rent Schedule

       3. Unit Statistics Report

  • Market Survey with a Floor Plan Breakdown – Every property in Benchmark, including comparable properties, are built at the floorplan level. This allows for true apples-to-apples property comparisons. The Floorplan Breakdown should include:

       1. Floor Plan Type (Bed/Bath Count)

       2. Unit Mix (Units per floor plan)

       3. Square Footage (per floor plan)

       4. 12-Month Rent (per floorplan)

  • What is the easiest way to acquire my Floor Plan Breakdown?
       We’ve found property managers typically have the best relationship with their comps and are often willing to exchange their unit mix details or Property Management Software Report for your own.

Yes! We offer PMS integrations directly into our platform that allow for more seamless collection of data at the property level. We work with Yardi, Entrata, OneSite and Resman. If you use one of these PMS’s and are not currently integrated, please reach out to support@radix.com for more information on how to get setup.

Each property can have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 comparable properties.

You have the ability to select your own comps at any time within our system. During the onboarding process, if you do not provide comps for your property, they will be selected for you. Comps are recommended based off a variety of metrics including:

  • Net Effective Rent
  • Year Built
  • Construction Type
  • Location within a 15-mile radius

Please note, recommendations are provided based on the properties that currently exist in Benchmark and may be limited due to establishment within in a particular MSA.

We’ve made it easy to identify when a property’s survey has been updated with the following color-coded clock icons.
  • A green clock means the property’s survey has been updated in the last 7 days
  • An orange clock means the property’s survey has been updated within the past 8 – 14 days.
  • A red clock means the property’s survey has been updated in 15+ days.

Both your property and comp surveys should be updated once a week for your market survey. Benchmark drastically reduces the time needed for these updates. Our shared ecosystem means you can capitalize on the millions of units that are updated in our platform via PMS integration and/or direct inputs from the property’s onsite team.

Our platform automatically pulls in information from your PMS each night. To update their property survey, integrated properties simply need to add any offered concessions and notes about their weekly update before saving their property survey.

A Shared Comp is a property that you and other Benchmark users both view as a comparable property. In Radix’ shared ecosystem only one of every property can exist. Therefore, if someone updates a shared comp, it has been updated for everyone. This is one of the many ways in which our platform saves time and streamlines the market survey process.

If your comp is a subscribed Benchmark user that has not updated their property survey in 15 days, their survey will become unlocked. Once unlocked, it can only be updated by another subscribed Benchmark user. You know your property best, and your comps know theirs best. This is why a property is given 14 days to update their survey before allowing others to do it for them.

  • How do I prevent my property’s survey from becoming unlocked?
      1.To keep your property survey locked, simply update your property survey each week.


SurveySwap is our proprietary tool built to help you automate the weekly collection of your comp’s property surveys. Even if your comps aren’t subscribed users, this free tool will allow you to send a recurring email inviting them to update their property survey in our system.

In return for updating their property survey, we’ll help your comps complete their weekly market survey too! They’ll receive up to 7 comparable property’s surveys after they’ve updated their property survey for you.

Our SurveySwap tool is included in your Benchmark subscription and is completely free to utilize.

Yes! You can schedule your SurveySwap request to be delivered on a specific day to a the contact(s) of your choice.


ProForma gives development, acquisitions, and new business teams the tools needed to streamline your underwriting endeavors and privately test investment opportunities with real-time data.

Our shared ecosystem fuels your underwriting efforts with real-time, unit level data for your pro forma. Millions of units are updated in our platform via PMS integration and/or direct inputs from the property’s onsite team, allowing you to privately assess where to build and what to buy.

While they can be used effectively individually, our suite of products can maximize your investment strategies and asset performance when used in concert. Leverage our Research solution to home in on where to invest, then capitalize on Benchmark’s insights to continually understand how your won deals are performing.


Radix Research is a multifamily underwriting tool designed for investors, developers and operators, built off of industry leading data from the Radix benchmark platform. Research offers aggregated submarket, MSA, State, and national information for a variety of property metrics including NER, occupancy, traffic, leasing, ATR and REVPAU. In addition to the core multifamily data, Radix Research also offers macroeconomic data and analysis on employment, affordability and construction trends.

While they can be used effectively individually, our suite of products can maximize your knowledge and understanding of the multifamily and macroeconomic environment to optimize investment strategies and asset performance. Leverage our ProForma solution to underwrite deals confidently and confidentially, then capitalize on Benchmark’s insights to continually understand how your won deals are performing.

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Please email our Support Team.
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