Benchmark Getting Started Guide

Module 1 : Create My First Market Survey

Creating a market survey allows you, and those invested in the success of your property, to evaluate its’ performance each week. The data you enter will be used to analyze how your property is performing in its’ market and how it’s performing against its’ selected competitors. To create a complete market survey each week, you will need to:

  1. Create a property survey for your community
  2. Update your competitor’s property survey Let’s show you how!

Let’s show you how!

Module 2 : Evaluate My Property’s Performance

Great data yields great insights – Benchmark’s Snapshot and Trend tables maximize your efforts by showcasing the data you’ve collected in a variety of valuable ways

Module 3 : Share My Property’s Market Survey

We know many are invested in the success of your property and have interest in viewing your property’s market survey. That’s why we made your market survey customizable, downloadable, shareable, and email friendly.

Module 4 : Evaluate My Portfolio’s Performance

Quickly identify opportunities, validate your decisions, and elevate your conversations with Benchmark’s portfolio level Snapshot and Trends.

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