Creating Your Market Survey

Creating a market survey allows you, and those invested in the success of your property, to evaluate its’ performance each week. The data you enter will be used to analyze how your property is performing against its’ selected comp. To create a complete market survey each week, you will need to create a property survey for your community, then update your comp property survey. Let’s show you how!

Create Your Property Survey (Integrated Properties)

Integrated properties feed survey data from your property management system to Radix. Pre-populated data makes creating your property survey easy.

This means you simply need to:

  1. Enter Your Concessions
  2. Add Notes About Your Concessions
  3. Save Your Survey

Pro Tip: Although the majority of your survey data is pre-populated, you’ll still need to click “Save” to complete your property survey each week.

Create Your Property Survey (Non-Integrated Properties)

Not integrated? No problem! We have a video for you too.

Update Your Comp Property Survey​

Benchmark streamlines the collection of your comp property survey data by helping you identify which comp surveys need updating.

Green Clock – No update needed

Orange Clock – Update property survey

Red Clock – Update property survey

Pro Tip: You know your property best, and your comp know theirs best. When you see a lock icon, that means you won’t be able to update your comp survey just yet. We want to give them 14 days to update their survey before allowing others to do it for them.

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