Invite My Comp to SurveySwap

Our SurveySwap feature allows you to invite your comp to update their own property survey. In return, SurveySwap helps your comp complete their market survey by giving them up to seven comparable property surveys, including yours.

Invite a Comp to SurveySwap

To invite a comp to SurveySwap, you will need to:

  1. Enter your comp email address and contact details
  2. Set a recurring schedule for swapping survey details with your comp

Pro Tip: If you’re using SurveySwap for the first time, give your comp a call before sending the SurveySwap request. Let them know by taking 10 minutes or less to complete the SurveySwap request, they’ll automatically receive your property survey and 6 comparable property’s surveys in return. 

SurveySwap Tips and Tricks

Check out this video for even more tips on how to succeed with SurveySwap.

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