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Rent and Operating Trends Data – May 16th

There is great news to report this week, as National NER for 2 and 3 bedrooms have officially moved positive YoY. Rising this week to $1,882 and $2,181 respectively, both are now within striking distance of their pre-pandemic highs. The 2-bedrooms need to recover to a pre-pandemic high of... ​
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Rent and Operating Trends Data – April 11th

This week, there was a slight slowdown in the recent streak of strong week-over-week gains as some of the metrics, especially leading indicators such traffic and leases per week, are on pause from the increase from last week. Meanwhile, occupancy and lease rates are holding steady and NER is posting more modest... ​
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Rent & Operating Trends Data Report: Week Ending 3/14/2021

As we continue to report Rent & Operating Trends Data and leading indicators traffic, occupancy, leasing, and net effective rent (NER), we are happy to share that we’ve expanded our sampling and added Jacksonville, Raleigh, and Salt Lake City into the regular rotation of markets.   After last week’s surge in leading indicators, weekly leases… Continue reading Rent & Operating Trends Data Report: Week Ending 3/14/2021
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It’s Time to Move on From the Anachronistic Days of Data Gathering

By Brad Cribbins There is no shortage of market data in multifamily. What’s lacking are effective platforms allowing real-time reporting and visibility into a market’s leading indicators – the stats like traffic, occupancy, leasing and net effective rents are business insights with the power to drive proactive and efficient business decisions.  This data is being… Continue reading It’s Time to Move on From the Anachronistic Days of Data Gathering
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Radix Eclipses the 5-Million-Unit Mark

The apartment data analytics firm also unveils study showing its client communities consistently outperform comps and experience higher rents.   As the provider of a cutting-edge, cloud-based market survey and data analytics platform, today we are proud to announce Radix is serving more than 5 million apartment homes.   Radix experienced extensive customer growth in… Continue reading Radix Eclipses the 5-Million-Unit Mark
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Year-End Brings Mixed Results for U.S. Apartment Industry

The national occupancy rate was down 0.1% YoY, but the leased percentage rate had risen by 0.2%. So, frankly, most of the national operating metrics are not down a whole lot from their pre-pandemic highs. This doesn't mean that certain metros haven't experienced major turbulence. ​
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Q&A: Jasmine Greene on How Radix Data Is Helping Maverick Residential in the Pandemic

Doing manual market surveys is very time consuming, and associates are prone to making errors when doing them. Automating your market surveys ensures you're getting true apples-to-apples comparison data, and it frees up your associates to spend more time taking care of prospects and residents. ​
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The Arrival of Q4 Brings Week Over Week Dips in Many Metrics

Multifamily performance data continues to behave like it did during the mid-summer, when the pandemic induced a variety of ups and downs. Typically, seasonality means things slow down a bit in the fall, and we see very little difference in metrics week over week. ​
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Many Performance Metrics Holding Steady as Summer Comes to an End

Labor Day marked the unofficial end of summer. On a national basis, multifamily data and metrics have been hovering around the same points since mid-summer. But in the week ending on Sept. 6, we saw the biggest closing of that YoY gap since March. ​
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Multifamily Veteran Brad Cribbins Joins Radix as Chairman

Former CEO of Alliance’s Property Management division seeks to accelerate the adoption of performance-optimizing data ​

Q&A with Aaron Thatcher, Technical Lead at Radix

One of the highlights of 2020 for Radix has been the addition of Aaron Thatcher, a talented software engineer with a wide range of experience.   Aaron joined us in February as a technical lead. In this position, he is charged with designing and implementing ongoing improvements to the Radix platform and products. We could… Continue reading Q&A with Aaron Thatcher, Technical Lead at Radix
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Rent & Trend Report: August 9th
Apartment Market Showing Slight Dips in Operating Statistics

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to rage in many parts of the country, the week ending on Aug. 9 showed most of the major apartment metrics experiencing slight declines, according to Radix data. National occupancy and leased percentage rates were flat. ​

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