Q&A with Megan Jacobson, Client Success Manager at Radix

Megan Radix
Like many of us at Radix I come from the multifamily apartment industry. Prior to starting in multifamily, I worked on the services side of the industry, offering personal training and group fitness classes to residents. After getting to know one...

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Tell us about your career before you joined Radix.

My last 13 years have been spent growing in different realms of multifamily.  I started as a Leasing Agent and worked up to Asset Manager and acquired my real estate license.  Along my journey, I was also able to spend about a year working as a Career Development Specialist where I traveled the country facilitating training programs and coached/mentored associates.  Now at Radix, I’m able to guide clients in decision making, train associates on the platform and be there to support everybody however they need.  It’s very fulfilling!

What most excites you about being part of the Radix team?

I love the Radix culture!  I find support from every angle and we are all able to contribute ideas and opinions that are heard and discussed.  Radix is constantly evolving, we are always collaborating to find ways to do things better so our clients have the best of the best!  It’s awesome to be part of such an amazing company and contribute to its success, as well as our clients successes.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to spend time with my friends and family.  I have a 9 year old son and there are constantly kids at my house, which fills my heart with love!  I appreciate watching them grow and enjoy childhood together.  On top of the constant little humans running around, we have a full house with 5 people, 3 cats, 2 dogs and 2 sulcata tortoises.

Tell us about your favorite hobbies, books, movies, or music.

 I love to be in the kitchen cooking and baking, and listen to a wide array of music.  I wish I had more time during my days but if I could, I would be in the kitchen trying out new recipes.  For music, I’m an 80’s baby so that’s my go-to when I’m doing things around the house, but I will say I love me some Drake White any time (check him out)!

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