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Wood Partners goes beyond giving people a better place to live: distinctive communities of lasting value are created, a solid return for investors is delivered, and a culture of respect and empowerment is forged for its employees. Wood Residential Services, the in-house division of Wood Partners specializing in property management, highlights a unique aspect of the company’s culture: its desire to continually improve.


Executive Summary:

Part of the core culture at Wood is empowering associates to act as owner-operators and achieve maximum results. The ability to quickly and easily analyze competitive data directly impacts associates’ ability to make timely and meaningful decisions about their property’s performance. In analyzing the various platforms and methodologies used throughout the organization for gathering competitive data, it became apparent that there were significant challenges with ease-of-use and time spent gathering data, as well as a fragmented ability to export and marry data with internal systems. A better solution was needed.


BI:Radix was selected as the next-level market survey platform of choice for many of the company’s properties; through their ability to automate the process and present reporting in a simplified dashboard, Wood has seen enormous benefit:

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