Data Solutions to Empower Business Decision Making

Our data ecosystem enables efficient information sharing, resulting in a deeper comprehension of market trends and insights.

Benchmark is the multifamily industry’s first shared data ecosystem allowing for seamless market survey collections that are more efficient and accurate than standard methods. Radix Benchmark does away with old industry processes for data collection and delivers information in an on-demand fashion with real-time accuracy.
Research is a powerful solution for benchmarking and evaluating the performance of live properties and portfolios at submarket, market, and national levels. With access to a wide range of data analytics, Radix Research offers the most comprehensive, timely, and leading data, streamlining the research process for all stakeholders.
ProForma gives development, acquisitions, and new business teams a more personalized and tailored use of our shared data ecosystem. By utilizing ProForma, users can secure more deals by privately creating a customized property to test potential scenarios using real-time data and live properties.

Leverage the power of real-time data with our products.

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