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RadHack 2022 – Radix Announces It’s First Hackathon

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Radix is kicking off its first companywide Hackathon event called RadHack.  This event is an internal activity aimed at driving product innovation, promoting skill development, and improving the ways in which Radix serves its customers.

Key Information:

RadHack is a three-day all-company event, held on December 21-23, 2022.

Each employee has suggested challenges that will be tackled during the Hackathon.  These suggestions are around a range of topic areas including improving the customer experience, adding new features to Radix products and increasing productivity within and between Radix departments.

RadHack is slated to be an annual event and the outcomes will not only lead to better products and customer service but also to a more effective organization within Radix.

If you are a customer of Radix we would appreciate any feedback you might have that we can slate for future events like this. Contact your customer service or support channel to submit your request to us.

If you are not a customer of Radix and want to find out more – be sure to Contact Us Here.

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