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Radix Partners with 21 of the 50 NMHC’s Top Managers of 2023

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The NMHC’s annual ranking of the top 50 managers in the multifamily industry is a highly anticipated event, recognizing the most successful companies in the field for their exceptional performance. Radix has partnered with an impressive 21 of these top-performing companies.

Through its shared data ecosystem, Radix empowers property managers to optimize operations, make data-driven decisions, and drive revenue. Radix’s ability to form partnerships with these top managers demonstrates its unwavering commitment to creating innovative solutions that deliver tangible results.

Congratulations to Radix’s partners on this remarkable achievement!

To view NMHC’s Top 50 Managers list,  click the button below:

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Radix is a data and advanced analytics provider for the Multifamily industry. Radix's data ecosystem is continuously building upon itself so that users from all levels of the industry can make smarter business decisions for their assets and investments using data from a transparent source, the property itself.
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