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Dear Radix Friends,


I wanted to share a note with all of you that I sent to our clients last week. We hope you, your families, and your colleagues are well and healthy. These are unprecedented times for all of us. 


As we travail through this ambiguity, we at Radix were genuinely asking ourselves how we can be helpful to our clients, friends, and people we know so well in our industry. One of the most common questions we heard from many of our clients was the impact the current pandemic is having on apartment operations, more specifically on leading indicators such as traffic and leases, which will be followed by occupancy and leased percentage, and then net effective rents.


Considering our data in most cases is real-time and is coming directly from properties, we have decided to re-prioritize our entire roadmap to deliver bi-weekly data at national level and top 21 MSAs across the country for free to our clients for the foreseeable future.


Radix Research provides the most granular, timely, and leading data in the multifamily sector for asset managers, acquisitions, and development analysts, regional operators, and corporate-level owners. To retrieve this data, request a demo today.

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