Rent and Operating Trends Week of April 15th 2020



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I hope you are staying healthy, safe, and managing through these difficult times. We are going to make some additional changes to our Rent and Operating Trend Data report we announced a couple of weeks ago.


First, we are going to circulate these reports with our clients weekly as opposed to bi-weekly. This is mainly due to the fact that data is changing more rapidly than we predicted, and also due to your feedback that this data is very helpful in making better decisions and understanding what is happening nation-wide and in specific metros.


Second, we are working on making this data accessible directly on our platform which will be coming soon.



Radix Research

Research is a powerful solution for benchmarking and evaluating the performance of live properties and portfolios at submarket, market, and national levels. With access to a wide range of data analytics, Radix Research offers the most comprehensive, timely, and leading data, streamlining the research process for all stakeholders.

To retrieve this data, request a demo today.

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