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The market leading solution for real-time data, Radix Research offers aggregated submarket, MSA, state, and national information for leading multifamily indicators.

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How it works


Measurement Strategy

Radix Research allows you to benchmark and measure property and portfolio performance to the submarket, market and national levels. This will aid your operational framework which will result in fruitful business outcomes.


Automated Dashboards
& Visualizations

Radix Research data is organized visually, graphically, and tabularly for easy analysis and understanding. With interactive maps, customizable charts, and exportable tables, users have access to a wide variety of data analytics and benchmarking tools.


Analysis & Insights

Built off the core of Radix data, Radix Research provides the most granular, timely, and leading data in the multifamily sector. The abundance of information that Research offers eases the research process for asset managers, acquisitions and development analysts, regional operators, and corporate level owners.


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Data in action

Snapshot & Trends

The Snapshot & Trends section allows you to view current survey data from all properties in a given
market or submarket.



The Employment section allows you to view employment data presented in a series of reports which will cover 25 MSAs across the country. You can view employment data on the city, state, and national level.


Housing Affordability

The Housing Affordability section displays historical rent parallel to average monthly income at the MSA level. In addition, we calculate the rental share of wallet and purchase share of wallet for each week.


Construction Pipeline

The Construction Pipeline is an interactive map by MSA that can be filtered by construction criteria.


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Rent & Operating Trends


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