2021 Radix National Multifamily Analysis Report

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2021 was a historic year for the multifamily industry. Demand for multifamily housing surged, driving occupancy rates to record highs and fueling one of the largest and longest growth cycles the industry has ever seen.


The coronavirus pandemic has left a lasting impact on Americans’ living preferences, and many of these changes have shown significant durability through last year’s cycle. The rise of remote work in the coronavirus era has allowed tenants to pursue more affordable and spacious housing in warmer climes. Many of the fastest growing markets are in the sunbelt, while many of the more northerly metros traditionally home to the tech and professional elite classes continue to struggle to recoup 2020’s losses.

Radix’s data, with real-time updates on indicators including traffic, leasing, occupancy, and rental rates gives us the leading edge on insights into multifamily trends. Read our 2021 National Multifamily Analysis Report for our full findings!

The idea of automation can feel daunting, especially in an industry that has been experiencing unprecedented growth for the past several years. Property management teams lead this charge, notoriously carrying heavy workloads with little time left for planning automation. As markets grow and workloads increase, the pressure to simplify internal processes...

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