Dare To Live Your Values – TEDx

Blerim Tedx

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Making sense of life can be often overwhelming in a world that is rapidly changing and taking on new shapes. Your basic values tend to stick with you throughout, which is one of the reasons they need proper establishment from the get-go. Our CEO, Blerim Zeqiri, held a talk around five core values that he believes are essential to a successful life: courage, curiosity, impact, resilience, and responsibility.


After a rapid growth period in Kosovo’s professional landscape, Blerim took the courage to leave for the States and pursue his dream, and dive into uncertainty. Before starting Radix, Blerim worked as VP of Acquisitions/Investment for Progress Residential – a private equity firm in the single-family rental sector where he oversaw acquisitions, alongside overseeing asset management, revenue, and research departments. Blerim worked as the VP of Acquisitions and Asset Management for more than 10 years at Alliance Residential before transitioning to Progress Residential. With the initial thought of getting into investment banking, Zeqiri found himself dealing with real estate.


Although exposed to a high-growth yet lackluster environment, he was curious to dive into industry problems and solutions. Realizing that the existing solutions were anachronistic at the core, Blerim believed that with enough curiosity, responsibility, courage, and resiliency you can achieve amazing things and make a lasting impact. This is how Radix was conceived, a market research and analytics platform with built-in tools designed to help users make sense of ambiguous data and drive performance. 

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