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Shelton-Cook Uses Radix Platform to Drive Results

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Shelton-Cook, a property management company, has been using the BI:Radix platform to improve their market survey process. Shelton-Cook has been able to collect more accurate market survey data at a faster rate by leveraging the platform, as well as streamline the process, manage rents proactively, and improve communication with internal teams and owners.


Two Shelton-Cook platform users, Regional Portfolio Director Sharon Kuhlman and Property Manager Lavina Spivey, influenced the creation of this partnership by emphasizing how the platform has helped them improve the market survey process.


About Shelton Residential


Asset Living, a leading property management company based in Houston, has recently acquired Shelton Residential, a property management firm that specializes in conventional multifamily apartments and is based in Arizona. Shelton Residential, which was established in 1984, has a vast portfolio of more than 17,000 units across multiple states in the Southwest, including Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico. This acquisition has allowed Asset Living to expand its presence even further in the Southwest region.


Website: https://www.assetliving.com/



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