What is SurveySwap™

SurveySwap™ is a patent-pending proprietary feature that allows Radix users to exchange information and data with their peer properties via the Radix platform without having to spend time on the phone, sifting through website, or exchanging multiple emails. This enables clients to see trends on data such as rents, concessions, traffic and leases, occupancy and leased percentage, and more. SurveySwap™ creates a win-win for both sides by providing an efficient way to more accurately and efficiently exchange data, saving time for both sides.

How Does SurveySwap™ Work?

A key component of the Radix platform is the ability for a user to set up and use the proprietary SurveySwap™ tool with simply a name and email for a contact at their peer property. Once set up, the user may initiate a SurveySwap™ request to the designated contact via email:

  • No account creation required! A peer property clicks on the link in the email and can update their own info with little effort
  • Unit counts, square footage, and other property data are pre-populated to eliminate confusion and entry errors
  • Simple interface to facilitate ease of use

It takes peer properties just minutes to update their property info using SurveySwap™.  Once completed, they will receive access to the data from the property sending the SurveySwap™ as well as several other peer properties that the Radix analyzes as comparable.

Why Participate in SurveySwap™?

Participating in SurveySwap™ saves both the sender and receiver time by replacing the archaic methods teams use in the past to exchange info with a more efficient web-based feature that eliminates errors and streamlines communication. 

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