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I really think that everyone within the Radix organization has always strive to help our organization be better, from the first time we started rolling this out, I think we started out with a handful of communities that were utilizing the Radix platform, and once we were able to understand the platform, understand the benefits of the platform, we rolled it out to every single one of our communities in our platform and haven’t looked back. 

Marcie Williams

CEO, RKW Residential

I think what Radix brings is something unique. The market survey process is never super accurate and I feel like you’re always wanting to get them the best data possible because we use it to make real time decisions on pricing on occupancy and how to really drive performance of the property. The best part about Radix is not only the integration with properties that are using the platform as you’re getting that real time data but the ability to kind of encourage those that maybe even aren’t on the platform to use the system so that they’re getting that data back in return so they can see the benefit so it’s equating to a more realistic accurate data in real time. I feel like Radix Benchmark allows for an ease of use because the dashboards are very user friendly. The other part that’s great is anytime you have a new team member there’s immediate training available, there’s a software support.


David Ohlirch

SVP of portfolio and asset management, bonaventure

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I’ve been a huge fan of Radix SurveySwap. Would highly recommend Radix for Market Survey needs. Working with their team continues to be an outstanding experience. I have used Radix now for Two Property Management Groups. The Radix Survey is extensive and support is excellent.​
Tammy L.
Property Manager
All I can say ever since I have been working on the Radix Survey, the Support Team has been amazing. They are readily available for me and has exceeded my expectations every time. I have never seen such Team Work and the Customer Service I received is over 100%. Thank you for the assistance you have been provided. Jacqueline Manalastas from Mason & Main
Jacqueline M.
Property Manager

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